Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 months

Little one is 2 months old! She has changed so, so much since she was born. It is crazy how fast babies develop. She is laughing, cooing, ooohhing and ahhhing all the time. She absolutely loves when we put things on her head. She cracks up and smiles when we put the tiny party hat on her. I clipped a bow in her hair the other day and she grinned ear to ear. Such a little girl :) Bath times are still a little iffy. Sometimes she loves it, other times are total melt downs. Tummy time is still making the "dislike list", but she has sat up pretty well a couple of times in her Bumbo. The first time she sat in it this mama didn't like it too much because she looked so big and grown up. Last night she grabbed onto a rattle and shook it a couple of times, I'm pretty sure she had no idea she was even doing it, but it was fun for us regardless. The biggest development this month (for mama and daddy at least) is sleeping 7 hours through the night! She goes down around 12:30 am and wakes up around 7:30! We feel like brand new people. I look forward to her waking up because she is so happy and smiley in the morning. It is so stinkin sweet.

I don't think we could love her any more. She makes us so incredibly happy!