Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Violet's day in Photos (and one video)

I have seen lots of "picture an hour", "day in photos", and posts of that sort around blogland, so I thought I would jump on board. I especially enjoy reading Jame's a day in pictures and bits + pieces. It is probably weird, but I just love getting a look into someone else's life for a day.  Here are a couple more post like this I have enjoyed here and here.

8:00 am - Good Morning! This morning was the first time I found her sitting up in her crib, it gets lowered tonight! (sorry for the terrible iphone quality picture)

9:00 am - doing her favorite things; reading, clapping, and getting into places she shouldn't

10:00 am - clapping for Kathy Lee and Hoda and nap (not pictured)

11:00 am - Wake up and watch Rachel Ray (she loves cooking shows for some reason)

12:00 pm - Sweet Potato Puff snack, "snaking" face, and lunch on the back porch

1:00 pm - crawling

2:00 pm - Lunch at Freddy's with Poppie, Pop, and Uncle Randy

6:00 pm - Dinner, a walk, and swinging at the park 

7:00 pm - Sunset at the park 

8:00 pm - Bath time and welcoming daddy home

9:00 pm - Lowering the crib and reading Goodnight Moon and Counting Kisses before bed

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh, the chubbiness

Starting the weekend off with some chubby baby goodness. Any time we stand her up in the crib she starts chattering immediately. Violet's absolutely adorable beanie was made by my friend Taylor. It is the only hat she will let us put on her. Girl knows what she likes.