Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I like, can I have?

These little treats might look completely random, but this is the Accessories edition. Headbands to headphones, this is what I wish to embellish my life with.

All of Taza's headbands

Of course this hand painted keychain

lovely headphones

What have you found lately that you simply can't live without?

Disclaimer: This weekly "want it" post is geared toward promoting artist, designers, or businesses that I admire and whose products I enjoy. Also, suggestions for my husband when anniversaries, holidays, or birthdays come around :)


I just learned how to crochet almost a month ago. During the Super Bowl I was extremely bored (I'm not the biggest sports person), found a tutorial online, and taught myself how to crochet. I started by just making tons of chains, then I realized just a simple crochet chain would be cute as a headband. These are the first two headbands I made the night I learned to crochet. They were so much fun to make, especially the flower and bow. I'm a proud mama. The Super Bowl turned out to be good for something! 

Please excuse the poor image quality

Now I can't stop crocheting! I love yarn! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Because you are so dear!

First of all I wanted to say thank you to anyone who has given my little blog a look and encouraged me with kind words! It has been fun getting feedback on this new little hobby. I know I am just starting in this blog world, but thank you and I love you so!

I have been working diligently on a History paper that is due Tuesday night. There has been reading and writing and reading and much more writing. I just finished, so excuse the random post.

This little nugget has been getting me through the past couple of days. My favorite part is when she sings "schnukums pukums" I've watched it an unusual amount of times.

This sweet song was some of the inspiration for the blog name. Speaking of blog name, here is a break down of why I went with "Little Cuppie Cakes".

1. I love cupcakes. I'm obsessed. Sassafrass (red velvet) from Cuppies and Joe in Oklahoma City are my absolute favorite! If you haven't already stopped by there and you live in the OKC area stop what you are doing and go! NOW! I secretly want to work there when I graduate.

2. My nickname growing up was Vannie Cakers, and was revived by some fun friends my freshman year in College.

3. After hearing the above song about 2 years ago, I have called my sweet my "cuppie cake" ever since.

4. Anything that is cute or adorable is called "little" in my world. Whenever our dog Chewy is looking exceptionally cute, I always say, "Oh he's just so little!" I know, I'm strange and have my own vocabulary.

Thus, Little Cuppie Cakes was born and anything that is cute or of any value to me will be seen on this blog.

Oh and LOTS of cupcakes!
recent handmade project

I'll be back soon with a post about some headbands I've made the past couple of weeks. 

-Savannah k


Friday, February 19, 2010

Couldn't be happier

It is the weekend! However, I do have to read a history book and write a paper over it by Tuesday. Bleh.
I have some new yarn to play with and a new bag to carry my crochet things in. I'm pretty pumped. 
For some reason crocheting is extremely relaxing to me. It makes for good study breaks. 
It clears the mind. 

I LOVE these new colors and it is super soft! I am about to start a little gift/project out of the pretty blue for a friend of mine. It should turn out cute! That is my knew craft/yarn/crochet bag. Isn't she just adorable. I named her Knitty Kitty, even though I don't knit...yet.

The background they are pictured on is a footstool in our living room. I am smitten with the floral patterned fabric and the colors. This print will one day be permanent on my arm, but that is another post in itself.

Have a beautiful weekend! I'm off to cuddle up :)

- Savannah k

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Color Crush

I'm pretty obsessed with mustard yellow right now. It has a very vintage feel about it to me, maybe that is why I love it so much. I especially love pairing it with gray or navy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. What is your color crush right now? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I like, can I have?

I love SNL and I love Kristin Wiig, especially her character in the Lawrence Welk skit. My absolute favorite thing to quote is in this skit when she sings, "I like can I touch?" Whew, gets me every time.

Well, I thought I would turn my favorite little line into a "Want it Wednesday" thing and call it
"I like, can I have?" It will be a weekly post that features little things I find while perusing the internet that I pine over. Welp here goes the first edition.

The cuteness of this Olympic Mascot is too much to handle and so is his name, 
Quatchi, the Sasquatch.

Of course this sweet little treat.

Anything and everything from this artist.

this pretty

(this one is just a 25 minute drive 
and it's all mine...yesss!)

That'll do for this first edition, if I keep going it will turn into a "Want it Thursday."  
Do do do do do do do...

Love and cupcakes,
Savannah k

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I apologize in advance

I have another Valentines post. It seems that I become attached to holidays seeing as how we still have our Christmas Tree in our living room (sans ornaments).  Now this sweet little heart wreath is still hanging on our front door, and will most likely continue to for at least another week. Don't judge me!

I know this should have come along about 5 days ago, but I thought it was too cute not to share. I have been really into making wreaths this year, especially plush/fluffy ones. I found this tutorial for pom-pom wreaths and HAD to make one for Christmas. I just had to have a big wreath, so therefore it took me about 18 hours total and close to 120 pom-poms to complete the thing. It was worth it though, because hopefully we'll get to enjoy it as a part of our Christmas decor for many years to come. When my mom sent me this heart wreath tutorial it seemed much less daunting, but still the same level of cuteness :) It was super fun to make and from far away it looks like real flowers! Thank goodness my mom already had a circle die cut in the perfect size! Either of these wreaths can be made for any occasion or permanent decoration to any room by simply changing the shape of the wreath and color of the
yarn and felt. Any way, I just thought I'd share the Valentine that I gave to my house.

Thanks Mom for the photos!

Maybe this post will be cathartic for me and I will finally start putting up my holiday decorations in a timely manner.  Hope everyone had a cozy evening. 

- Savannah k

Everyday is Love Day

Especially when I was a day late giving my Valentine his gift. I am pretty immobile as of late because of a recent surgery, so I decided to go handmade/homemade for this year. I just taught myself how to crochet about 2 weeks ago and when I saw this d.i.y I thought it would be fun to attempt it for my sweetie. It turned out a little girly (therefore, I will be making myself one because they are too cute), so I reworked it to give it a "slouchy/boy" feel. I think he looks super cute :)

I also used this amazing Valentine designed by Promise Tangeman for his card. It is a lovely print, so I think we will be framing it to hang in our home.

I had the absolute best Valentines weekend. My sweet sent me beautiful lilies and irises on Friday and took me to eat a yummy dinner Saturday. My precious parents gave us a sweet card and gave me a goodie bag full of adorable treats. They know the way to my heart...cupcakes galore!

I didn't want the weekend to end! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend even if you didn't celebrate!

Savannah k