Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Things

There are a LOT of new things going on around here.

1. Pursuing our dream of being a hubby/wifey photography team  of awesomeness. We have got a lot of exciting stuff coming up that we are so thrilled to be involved with. Check up on us and our journey at our blog.

2. Starting my internship next week with Todd at Beautiful Day Images. I have already done some shoots and things pre Spring semester, but now it is full force until July!

3. Got my very own camera! No more sharing between me and the hubs. I'm a big girl now and she is my new bff.

4. The bangs are back in full force. I go back to them about every 5-6 months. Husband is sad. Wife is happy. Maybe if I keep them a constant he will learn to love them.

Ok so that is only 4 things but it feels like a lot, especially between the first two.

new toy and new bangs

Monday, March 22, 2010

Money here, money there

The hubs and I, along with our friends Nick and Taylor, went to an auction in my hometown last Friday night. It was, in every sense of the word, "country". We had a blast and came away with a ton of one liners. We also came away with a 1950s record player and Abbey Road on vinyl. All for a grand total of $5! When the album came up to be bid on the auctioneer refereed to The Beatles as "Those Beatle Boys" babahaha. We are already obsessed with the record player and will probably be acquiring large amounts of vinyl now, uh oh! We all intend on becoming regulars, so watch out for #529 and #530 if you are ever at the auction in Harrah, OK.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I like, can I have? like 3 weeks late

As my graduation date nears I have been looking for a dress for the momentous occasion. Here are some of my picks so far. All from my favorite place modcloth. What are your thoughts? I'm thinking either the first purple or the last blue.

By the way, it is official, my husband and I have started our photography business! We are so excited and hope we get to do what we love so much as a career. We just launched our website  and new blog Let us know what you think and thank you to everyone who encouraged me after my "Profession" post. T-minus 56 days until graduation.

Have a wonderful night!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet love

I am one blessed little girl. I get to be with my best friend everyday. He puts up with me and loves me all the same. 

We did a mini photo shoot for fun today in our yard. It was mini because it started turning very cold, deceitful sun. 

Ok, after looking at this for a while it reminds me of "the meadow" scene in Twilight and I love it. I don't really care if this makes me a huge nerd or someone uncool that follows a trend. I love the books and movies, no need to pass judgement. I can't wait for Eclipse to come out in June! 

I went to see Remember Me tonight with my friend Lindsey. She has many nicknames, such as Finz, Finzer, and Yindsey. I love when we get to hang out, she's the best.  Well, the Eclipse trailer played as one of the coming attractions. I'm not going to lie, I was giddy. I was extremely surprised by Remember Me though, it was great. Not at all what I expected. 

Hope whoever is reading this had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mmmmm Spring

Found some first signs of spring around our little house while working on a "house tour" photo project. I was inspired to do so by this group of explorers.

Here is a sneaky peaky of my version. Yummy yellow makes me do this :)

I fully realize this is week two with out "I like, can I have?" I intend to redeem myself next week.
Thanks for reading. It makes me happy.

Savannah k

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Keep me where the light is

We went to the John Mayer show in Oklahoma City last night, so I thought I needed something cute for my hair. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I made it. I love it! I feel so accomplished when I make something for myself. It is so fun when the vision of what I want actually comes out wearable and cute. Go make something for yourself, it feels good! 

The show was just incredible. It was actually my fourth time to see him. It definitely was the best one I have seen yet. He always has an incredible band playing with him. We got to sit in a suite at the Ford Center. My husband's company gave us tickets to sit with them in the suite and it was a blast. We felt special. They had one ticket left last minute, so we got to bring my good friend Claire, which made it even better! 

We are off to go see Alice in Wonderland now! EEEEKKKK so pumped! Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney Classic, and I can't wait to see this version!

Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


FYI: This little cuppicake is just my personal and crafty journey blog. So here us my first solely personal post.

I have known what I wanted to do with my life for a long time now, but have never really professed it to anyone besides my immediate family and very few others. So here is my official statement: I WANT TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER! That feels better. I have been held back by my fear of what people will think or say, but no more. This is what makes me come alive and I know I have to pursue it. This little cuppicake is my personal and crafty journey blog.

I will graduate in May with a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Media (translation:  video production, post production and graphics) from the Gaylord College of Journalism and MAss Communication. translates to video production, post production and graphics. I enjoyed it but I never responded to video the way I have with still images. I have taken a photography class and it has been my absolute favorite class I have taken in my 5years in college, yes I am a super senior. I decided I needed to continue to learn, so I ventured out and found an incredible internship with an amazing photographer in Oklahoma City. Todd's work is amazing and I know I am in for a complete knowledge overload. Check him out at

My husband and brother have been heavy into photography for a many years now and have shot many beautiful weddings and portrait sessions. I am surrounded by mentors. The three of us share a flickr site to display our images Rent House Photography

These are images from my final project in my photography class. I chose to shoot a couple in their home environment. They just happen to be some good friends, so it was a blast. Nick and Taylor live on one of their families farms fully equipped with chicken coop, corn field maze, and super cute farm house. Here are some of my favorites. Taylor has a super cute blog and etsy shop, check her out!

I can't decide between these two.

Isn't taylor just beautiful?

Well what do you think? Be constructive if necessary, but be kind :)

Disclaimer: These images may seem blown out on your computer screen, but I edit them for my computer and not sure how to edit for blogspot to keep it consistent across the board. Computer screens are calibrated differently. I realize that they may come across blown out, but I did not shoot or edit them that way. They look good on my screen, I promise! I will try to figure this problem out for the blog, but for now check them out on our flickr