Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Things

There are a LOT of new things going on around here.

1. Pursuing our dream of being a hubby/wifey photography team  of awesomeness. We have got a lot of exciting stuff coming up that we are so thrilled to be involved with. Check up on us and our journey at our blog.

2. Starting my internship next week with Todd at Beautiful Day Images. I have already done some shoots and things pre Spring semester, but now it is full force until July!

3. Got my very own camera! No more sharing between me and the hubs. I'm a big girl now and she is my new bff.

4. The bangs are back in full force. I go back to them about every 5-6 months. Husband is sad. Wife is happy. Maybe if I keep them a constant he will learn to love them.

Ok so that is only 4 things but it feels like a lot, especially between the first two.

new toy and new bangs


  1. Nice camera...congratulations!!

  2. nice, i love bangs. they look great