Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2,000 Views whoodie whoooo!

I have reached 2,000 views on this little cuppiecake. yeah not that special compared to the blogs I follow that get that plus everyday. I had 2 tests and a paper due today, so the past couple of days have been a little full and hectic, but very productive. 5 weeks until graduation! 

I know this isn't much of a treat, but here are some of my early photo projects from my photography class. We had to explore downtown Norman, pick a theme and stick with it. The first two are from my early explorations and the last are my theme that I chose to stick with. Kinda bleh, but everyone starts somewhere, right? 

Little Grocery Store
Tattoo Shop
Barber Shop/ Vintage Coke series


  1. Savs I'm loving your blog!! It makes me happy. :) I can't wait to see more of your photography!

  2. Oh, thanks girl! I check yours out pretty often too! How is the real world?

    If you want to see more go to http://renthousephotography.blogspot.com/ or http://renthousephotography.com.

  3. oh, i look there too. :) the real world kinda sucks. haha. same thing day in and day out, which is why photography is such a saving grace for me. blah.