Thursday, October 28, 2010

New pictures

We had a check up ultrasound today, so we got to see our baby girl again! At first we had a student taking measurements for practice and then the actual sonographer came in to take the actual measurements and to give us a really good look at her. Last night Robby said to me, "What if she is really a boy?" He gave me an instant anxiety attack, because everything we have picked out and that is being made for her room is very girly and in no way meant for a boy. So all night and until this morning I was worried that they had told us wrong at the last ultrasound. No worries though, we are definitely still having a girl. 

Towards the end the sonographer said she was going to get some good pictures of her to take home with us. I didn't realize but she switched the little tools (sorry I don't know what they are actually called) and all of the sudden there was our little one in 3D/4D! It surprised us both because we thought you had to go to a special place to have the 3D/4D imaging done. Then we both cried. Yup, we are both pretty big softies. 

It was the best feeling ever to see that sweet little nose and those chunky cheeks. Both of the girls doing the ultrasound commented on how chubby her cheeks were already. I can't wait to pinch them!

Friday, October 22, 2010

24 weeks!

Holy Moly! Big change from the last belly photo, which I guess is to be expected since that was maybe 6 weeks ago. 

Little girl is about the size of an ear of corn. I love the food comparisons! She is about a foot long and weighs just over a pound. 
She is such a little squirmer. Every time we go in for a check up it takes a little while for the doctor to get a good read on her heartbeat because she is either rolling around or kicking the doppler. It cracks me up every time, which I'm sure makes it that much harder. Just 112 days until we meet sweet Violet! 

Robby ran across a couple of things he thought she, let's be honest, we couldn't live without. I have a little feeling that this sweet girl is going to be completely spoiled by her proud papa :) 

Pacifier by lots to say baby

Violet's first Christmas ornament

Why are baby things so cute, and why can't we just put it down and walk away?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My furry little pals

Yeah, so I'm going to be that person blogging about their dogs. I have wanted to for a while, then I saw the most recent post on sometimes sweet and just had to share.

Chewy is my little shadow. He is a mama's boy for sure. We adopted him about a year and a half ago. Everyone told us not to get a dog so soon after getting married. Well, we held out for less than a month after our wedding. We both grew up with dogs, so our new little nest together felt a tad bit empty. It was our first "big"(haha) decision together as a married couple deciding on whether to adopt him or not and we are so glad we did! He is the sweetest, chubbiest thing ever! We're kind of in love with him.

Tallulah is our newest edition to the family. Since most of our attention will be on the baby when she comes, we decided Chewy needed a little friend to keep him company. I went online to look at the adoptable small dogs from the same shelter we rescued Chewy from, and there was Tallulah (formerly known as Shelly at the shelter) looking like Chewy's skinny twin. We went to meet her and found her the exact same way as Chewy a year and a half before; the only dog not barking and in the same cage. It was fate :) We have only had her a little over a month and she fits in just great. She is a major cuddle bug, and has even turned our mellow Chewy into the most playful thing ever. We just love her!

We adopted Chewy and Tallulah at Second Chance Animal Sanctuary. If anyone is looking to adopt, this is the place to go! We really love this organization. We have taken Chewy back several times to visit and they always remember him by name. They even called a couple of days ago to check up on Tallulah to see how she was working out (they really loved her name change). Even if you aren't looking to adopt, Second Chance loves volunteers to come walk the dogs and do all sorts of odd jobs around the shelter. They also have the cutest fundraising event coming up called Wags to Riches. It's a fashion benefit featuring newly made over dogs to be auctioned off and given a second chance at life. Ahhh how sweet is that? Obviously we are all about adoption. The rescued ones seem to make the best pets :) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plush Friends

I have always loved handmade plush animals and dolls, and now I finally have an excuse to buy them! I do believe there is more than enough room in a certain little girls nursery for every one of these. 

Owl with the perfect name :) I think it's fate

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Bump

I haven't posted on this blog since April! Wow! Well, I know this is sort of old news but, we are expecting our first baby in February! I finally decided, at almost 24 weeks now,  that I should start documenting this new and exciting adventure we are on. 

Here is a fun little timeline of events I have kept track of:
(we had a few extra ultrasounds because I was in a wreck at 8 weeks)

June 5-6 : Found out we were pregnant

July 1: First Ultrasound

July 8: Second Ultrasound saw baby moving and kicking

August 2: Third Ultrasound

August 13: Fourth Ultrasound

September 10: Robby felt baby move for the first time

September 15: Gender Ultrasound. It's a GIRL!

September 21: Saw my belly moving and rolling around

Ok, I broke down and decided to share my belly photos we have been taking. I swore I wouldn't show how big I would get (because it is definitely more than the belly that's expanding), but I realized that it is something to celebrate rather than hide. We started taking them on week 12, and have tried to take one every 2 weeks. There are some missing ones so, from now on I am planning on being diligent about documenting our baby girl's growth.

 12 weeks

14 weeks

 16 weeks
somewhere around 18-20 weeks

 Violet Marie Doland is to make her debut somewhere around February 11th. We are so anxious and excited to meet her! We say it everyday, we can't wait to see what she looks like and just can't wait to hold and snuggle her. We love this baby girl so much already. I didn't realize how much love I could  have for someone I haven't really seen or met yet. It is such an incredible feeling :) God has blessed us with this little girl and we are so thankful! Only 116 days to go!