Thursday, October 28, 2010

New pictures

We had a check up ultrasound today, so we got to see our baby girl again! At first we had a student taking measurements for practice and then the actual sonographer came in to take the actual measurements and to give us a really good look at her. Last night Robby said to me, "What if she is really a boy?" He gave me an instant anxiety attack, because everything we have picked out and that is being made for her room is very girly and in no way meant for a boy. So all night and until this morning I was worried that they had told us wrong at the last ultrasound. No worries though, we are definitely still having a girl. 

Towards the end the sonographer said she was going to get some good pictures of her to take home with us. I didn't realize but she switched the little tools (sorry I don't know what they are actually called) and all of the sudden there was our little one in 3D/4D! It surprised us both because we thought you had to go to a special place to have the 3D/4D imaging done. Then we both cried. Yup, we are both pretty big softies. 

It was the best feeling ever to see that sweet little nose and those chunky cheeks. Both of the girls doing the ultrasound commented on how chubby her cheeks were already. I can't wait to pinch them!

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  1. Precious baby girl...we can't wait to hold you!
    She is beautiful!!