Monday, April 16, 2012

I took these of Violet almost 2 weeks ago. We were playing our usual afternoon game of "transfer the rocks", a riveting game of moving rocks from one flower bed to another. It was an overcast day and I noticed how blue her eyes were in the diffused light. I had to grab my camera and capture how bright they were. I kept these images unedited. Okay, I might have taken some of the drool off of her chin, but I left her eyes untouched. We just knew she would have brown eyes like her half Mexican daddy. Before she was born we would joke about how funny it would be if she came out with bright blue eyes. Well, to our surprise she did and I swear they get bluer with each passing day.  Those little blue eyes, just like Violet herself, were very unexpected, but what we were least expecting was the amount of love our hearts could hold for someone so small.  

Monday, April 9, 2012


Our Easter Sunday was an absolute delight. We spent the afternoon at church celebrating and experienced an incredible time of worship. After church we headed out to my parent's and ate a yummy meal with family, had Violet's first egg hunt, played with bubbles, and watched Violet enjoy her treats from the Easter Bunny. The day was filled with joy from start to finish. 

 Early morning surprise Easter banner for dada's closet//Snacking at church//Easter dress//Hunting eggs

The egg hunt was the highlight of her day

Bubble fun//Easter decorations//4 generations

The Easter Bunny came late to our house since Robby had to be at church so early. He brought her new sunglasses, a bunny sippy cup, a few pouches of portable organic carrots, and most importantly, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer Attire

All of this warm weather has me excited for the fast approaching summer. I can't wait to cookout and play in the water all day with Violet. She is a water and outdoor kid, so this summer, now that she knows what's really going on, is sure to be a blast. Here are some things I plan on Violet and I wearing 24/7 May-August.  I got the black straw hat below last summer and never wore it! What was wrong with me? The stripped one-piece came in last week for Violet and I immediately tried it on her. It is so darling and retro. Since we already own some of these pieces I plan to add the rest to bring it all together. I can't wait to brown up those chunky legs (mine and Violet's). 

For Mama: 1.Target  2.Asos  3.Old Navy  4.H&M
For Violet: 5.Old Navy  6.Carters  7.Old Navy  8.Old Navy

Apparently Old Navy is where it's at for baby/toddler clothes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Weekend

This past weekend was nothing short of glorious. Robby took Saturday off, which was much needed after 2.5 months of not having one whole day together. We decided it would be a perfect time for Violet to have an over night stay with her Pop and Poppie. We dropped her off Friday evening around six. It was my first time to sleep away from her. I knew she would have a blast and wouldn't mind one bit to spend a whole 24 hours with Pop and Poppie, so that made it much easier to leave. However, when she blew us kisses as she rode away up the field in her wagon, I shed many a tear. That evening we went out to dinner to one of our favorite places, Sweet Basil, for some amazing Thai food. It is our go to date night spot. We also got real crazy, rented a movie, and stayed up to watch the whole entire thing! We didn't really know what to do with ourselves without a bedtime routine or a little human pitter pattering all over the place. I must say, it was quite nice not to be continually locking the kitchen cabinets behind us. 

The next day we slept in until 10:00 am! We got nine whole hours of sleep! That hasn't happened in 13.5 months, people. We rolled out of bed, I grabbed a latte and a scone and Rob treated his skinny self to a big breakfast at Mickey D's. All afternoon I kept looking at V's toys all stacked and neatly put away loving the fact that I hadn't cleaned up after her in a whole day. On the inside though, I was pretty excited for her to come home and make a big mess. Saturday afternoon we finally went to see The Hunger Games at the Warren. What do you do before going to the movies? The movie was quite disappointing, but it was nice to just sit, watch a movie, and eat good food in a dark theater. We love us some balcony time.

We picked up the little munchkin around six that evening. We couldn't get there fast enough. I missed my little tatonka so very much. When we got there she had to show us her new tricks of walking up the stairs and saying "up" as she climbed. She was very proud. She had so much fun and was not too happy with us for making her come home. I, however, was beyond excited. So much so, that I grabbed her out of her crib and put her in bed with us for a while after she had fallen asleep.

Sunday we topped off the weekend eating and coloring eggs with friends and their babies. Violet had a good ole time getting messy with the finger paint, but I think her favorite was getting to wash off in the water outside. I'm pretty sure she makes messes on purpose so that we have no choice but to wash her off. 

Twas a lovely weekend.