Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer Attire

All of this warm weather has me excited for the fast approaching summer. I can't wait to cookout and play in the water all day with Violet. She is a water and outdoor kid, so this summer, now that she knows what's really going on, is sure to be a blast. Here are some things I plan on Violet and I wearing 24/7 May-August.  I got the black straw hat below last summer and never wore it! What was wrong with me? The stripped one-piece came in last week for Violet and I immediately tried it on her. It is so darling and retro. Since we already own some of these pieces I plan to add the rest to bring it all together. I can't wait to brown up those chunky legs (mine and Violet's). 

For Mama: 1.Target  2.Asos  3.Old Navy  4.H&M
For Violet: 5.Old Navy  6.Carters  7.Old Navy  8.Old Navy

Apparently Old Navy is where it's at for baby/toddler clothes.

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