Thursday, October 21, 2010

My furry little pals

Yeah, so I'm going to be that person blogging about their dogs. I have wanted to for a while, then I saw the most recent post on sometimes sweet and just had to share.

Chewy is my little shadow. He is a mama's boy for sure. We adopted him about a year and a half ago. Everyone told us not to get a dog so soon after getting married. Well, we held out for less than a month after our wedding. We both grew up with dogs, so our new little nest together felt a tad bit empty. It was our first "big"(haha) decision together as a married couple deciding on whether to adopt him or not and we are so glad we did! He is the sweetest, chubbiest thing ever! We're kind of in love with him.

Tallulah is our newest edition to the family. Since most of our attention will be on the baby when she comes, we decided Chewy needed a little friend to keep him company. I went online to look at the adoptable small dogs from the same shelter we rescued Chewy from, and there was Tallulah (formerly known as Shelly at the shelter) looking like Chewy's skinny twin. We went to meet her and found her the exact same way as Chewy a year and a half before; the only dog not barking and in the same cage. It was fate :) We have only had her a little over a month and she fits in just great. She is a major cuddle bug, and has even turned our mellow Chewy into the most playful thing ever. We just love her!

We adopted Chewy and Tallulah at Second Chance Animal Sanctuary. If anyone is looking to adopt, this is the place to go! We really love this organization. We have taken Chewy back several times to visit and they always remember him by name. They even called a couple of days ago to check up on Tallulah to see how she was working out (they really loved her name change). Even if you aren't looking to adopt, Second Chance loves volunteers to come walk the dogs and do all sorts of odd jobs around the shelter. They also have the cutest fundraising event coming up called Wags to Riches. It's a fashion benefit featuring newly made over dogs to be auctioned off and given a second chance at life. Ahhh how sweet is that? Obviously we are all about adoption. The rescued ones seem to make the best pets :) 

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  1. They are the most precious...babies/puppy dogs.
    I love them TOO!