Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Bump

I haven't posted on this blog since April! Wow! Well, I know this is sort of old news but, we are expecting our first baby in February! I finally decided, at almost 24 weeks now,  that I should start documenting this new and exciting adventure we are on. 

Here is a fun little timeline of events I have kept track of:
(we had a few extra ultrasounds because I was in a wreck at 8 weeks)

June 5-6 : Found out we were pregnant

July 1: First Ultrasound

July 8: Second Ultrasound saw baby moving and kicking

August 2: Third Ultrasound

August 13: Fourth Ultrasound

September 10: Robby felt baby move for the first time

September 15: Gender Ultrasound. It's a GIRL!

September 21: Saw my belly moving and rolling around

Ok, I broke down and decided to share my belly photos we have been taking. I swore I wouldn't show how big I would get (because it is definitely more than the belly that's expanding), but I realized that it is something to celebrate rather than hide. We started taking them on week 12, and have tried to take one every 2 weeks. There are some missing ones so, from now on I am planning on being diligent about documenting our baby girl's growth.

 12 weeks

14 weeks

 16 weeks
somewhere around 18-20 weeks

 Violet Marie Doland is to make her debut somewhere around February 11th. We are so anxious and excited to meet her! We say it everyday, we can't wait to see what she looks like and just can't wait to hold and snuggle her. We love this baby girl so much already. I didn't realize how much love I could  have for someone I haven't really seen or met yet. It is such an incredible feeling :) God has blessed us with this little girl and we are so thankful! Only 116 days to go! 


  1. you are precious. congrats again on your special gift. :)

  2. wow, congratulations!!

    how exciting.

    and welcome back to the blog world!

  3. Vi and share a middle name!! You did that on purpose, right? ; )

    I can't wait to meet her Savs : )

    Love you.