Wednesday, March 3, 2010


FYI: This little cuppicake is just my personal and crafty journey blog. So here us my first solely personal post.

I have known what I wanted to do with my life for a long time now, but have never really professed it to anyone besides my immediate family and very few others. So here is my official statement: I WANT TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER! That feels better. I have been held back by my fear of what people will think or say, but no more. This is what makes me come alive and I know I have to pursue it. This little cuppicake is my personal and crafty journey blog.

I will graduate in May with a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Media (translation:  video production, post production and graphics) from the Gaylord College of Journalism and MAss Communication. translates to video production, post production and graphics. I enjoyed it but I never responded to video the way I have with still images. I have taken a photography class and it has been my absolute favorite class I have taken in my 5years in college, yes I am a super senior. I decided I needed to continue to learn, so I ventured out and found an incredible internship with an amazing photographer in Oklahoma City. Todd's work is amazing and I know I am in for a complete knowledge overload. Check him out at

My husband and brother have been heavy into photography for a many years now and have shot many beautiful weddings and portrait sessions. I am surrounded by mentors. The three of us share a flickr site to display our images Rent House Photography

These are images from my final project in my photography class. I chose to shoot a couple in their home environment. They just happen to be some good friends, so it was a blast. Nick and Taylor live on one of their families farms fully equipped with chicken coop, corn field maze, and super cute farm house. Here are some of my favorites. Taylor has a super cute blog and etsy shop, check her out!

I can't decide between these two.

Isn't taylor just beautiful?

Well what do you think? Be constructive if necessary, but be kind :)

Disclaimer: These images may seem blown out on your computer screen, but I edit them for my computer and not sure how to edit for blogspot to keep it consistent across the board. Computer screens are calibrated differently. I realize that they may come across blown out, but I did not shoot or edit them that way. They look good on my screen, I promise! I will try to figure this problem out for the blog, but for now check them out on our flickr


  1. o...m...g...I had no idea you were such a good photographer. These photos are gorgeous. I think I will need you to come take some of Adrian and me in our new home after we get married. :)

  2. I miss your "Wednesday" I like can I have its???
    But loved all of your awesome photos!!!

  3. My favourites are the first two. I like how the two tree trunks are beside them. The trunks are leaning in towards each other just like they are.

  4. You are a great photographer! I love these images.

  5. I like the first 2 shots . Great way to frame your subjects using the tree trunks and the old gas pump. Look forward to seeing more photos.


  6. beautiful shots! you're wonderful! I know God has a plan for you--I have a feeling there are some great things in store!

  7. WOW! You are an amazing photographer! Very beautiful! You should be so proud : )