Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I like, can I have?

I love SNL and I love Kristin Wiig, especially her character in the Lawrence Welk skit. My absolute favorite thing to quote is in this skit when she sings, "I like can I touch?" Whew, gets me every time.

Well, I thought I would turn my favorite little line into a "Want it Wednesday" thing and call it
"I like, can I have?" It will be a weekly post that features little things I find while perusing the internet that I pine over. Welp here goes the first edition.

The cuteness of this Olympic Mascot is too much to handle and so is his name, 
Quatchi, the Sasquatch.

Of course this sweet little treat.

Anything and everything from this artist.

this pretty

(this one is just a 25 minute drive 
and it's all mine...yesss!)

That'll do for this first edition, if I keep going it will turn into a "Want it Thursday."  
Do do do do do do do...

Love and cupcakes,
Savannah k

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  1. Oh my!! All these things are so cute! Especially the Olympic mascot!