Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Violet's day in Photos (and one video)

I have seen lots of "picture an hour", "day in photos", and posts of that sort around blogland, so I thought I would jump on board. I especially enjoy reading Jame's a day in pictures and bits + pieces. It is probably weird, but I just love getting a look into someone else's life for a day.  Here are a couple more post like this I have enjoyed here and here.

8:00 am - Good Morning! This morning was the first time I found her sitting up in her crib, it gets lowered tonight! (sorry for the terrible iphone quality picture)

9:00 am - doing her favorite things; reading, clapping, and getting into places she shouldn't

10:00 am - clapping for Kathy Lee and Hoda and nap (not pictured)

11:00 am - Wake up and watch Rachel Ray (she loves cooking shows for some reason)

12:00 pm - Sweet Potato Puff snack, "snaking" face, and lunch on the back porch

1:00 pm - crawling

2:00 pm - Lunch at Freddy's with Poppie, Pop, and Uncle Randy

6:00 pm - Dinner, a walk, and swinging at the park 

7:00 pm - Sunset at the park 

8:00 pm - Bath time and welcoming daddy home

9:00 pm - Lowering the crib and reading Goodnight Moon and Counting Kisses before bed

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  1. The most precious blog post...about the most precious little girl!!! So Sweet! Poppie