Thursday, November 3, 2011

8 months

Violet is 8 (and a half) months old! October has been extremely busy, hectic, and all of the above for us. We just now snapped these pictures of her in her hat on Halloween. We thought it would be extra cute because she was, of course, a cupcake for her first Halloween. Violet and I have been sick the past week, so we didn't get to partake in any festivities and we decided we shouldn't even pass out candy just to make sure we didn't pass this darn bug to anyone. 

Well, she is officially crawling. About a week before she turned 8 months she decided to get her crawl on. She is super fast. She can already go up the step that goes into our living room. She is pulling up on everything and trying to climb up onto the couch and coffee table. The same night she legitimately crawled for the first time she also learned how to clap. Now, all we have to say is, "Yay Violet!" and she starts clapping. I fell like a ton of development happened within a few days. She also knows how to give kisses now. She loves to kiss Robby and any of her soft toy animals, but won't really kiss me unless I keep on and on (I'm even the one who taught her how!).  She says "dada" constantly and is starting to really associate it with Robby. She only really says "mama" if she is crying or whining for me, so it's more of a "maaaaaammmaaa."

This month brought on her first time of getting sick. I was completely shocked because in my mind I didn't think she would have a stomach bug type thing until she was much older. After she woke up from a nap last week she started throwing up and didn't stop for about 5 hours. I felt so bad for her, but she kept on playing and laughing like nothing was going on. I ended up getting it (way worse than she did) and we are just now getting back to normal.

This stage has been so much fun for us, and even though I have been really missing those teeny tiny baby days, I can't wait to see what's next!

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