Saturday, November 27, 2010

Circus Baby Shower

Last weekend was our family/couple baby shower that our parents threw for us. My mom came up with the theme and made all of the decorations, favors, cake topper, etc. We had cotton candy, cupcakes, peanuts, white chocolate popcorn,  and animal crackers all decked out in the cutest containers you will probably ever see. She even chalked the background to the sweets table and the welcome sign at the front door. Yeah, she is kind of good at this stuff. The yummy food, (which was of course your typical circus food... hot dogs, chili, and chips) was provided by my dad and mother-in-law. We had such a wonderful time with our family and friends. Thank you to our amazing parents who put it on for us and to everyone who came over to love on and support us!

Oh! I almost forgot! The last gift that was handed to me to open didn't have a card so I didn't know who it was from, then Robby looked at me and said, "that's from me!" My absolutely precious husband surprised me with the sweetest gift, a pink pearl ring! Ummmm, someone scored lots and lots of points with that one! He's the sweetest! (You can see my beautiful new ring in the picture below where I am holding the cupcake)

Paper bunting banner made out of vintage flash cards


  1. It was our pleasure. We had the best time.

  2. oh my stars, that is beyond precious. it should be submitted to the "Kara's Party Ideas" blog. (have you been to her site? it's fabulous. this party totally belongs there.)

    and how sweet is Robby?!?! the ring is gorgeous. you are one lucky lady. :)

  3. So cute, I love it! Your mom is very talented. That elephant that she drew on the chalk board is too cute. Love all the details she added to the food.

  4. This is really beautiful! I'd love to talk to you about featuring it at Baby Lifestyles. Email me at editor at BabyLifestyles dot com if you're interested! Looks like an amazing party.