Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you snow day

These past couple of snowed in days has forced us to complete many more of our nursery projects on the  to-do-list. My mom came and stayed with us during the storm just in case little Violet thought it would be funny to come during the blizzard and also to help finish up said projects. A big one we have been meaning to get to is covering and decorating an old lamp shade and hanging it as a swag light. I loved the shape and size of this shade, but it was very weathered and had a couple of holes. I thought this would be perfect for Project Restyle. We loved the way it turned out! It ties that little corner together just right. Here is some of the process and the end product.

 Covered with fabric 

 Patched some holes with hearts (Mom's brilliant idea)

Decorated with vintage doillies 

 Sweet daddy hanging it from the ceiling 


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