Saturday, March 12, 2011

Violet's Birthday

Well, our sweet baby girl is here! She is already almost a month old! Wow, time flies so fast, I already need it to slow way down.

I thought I would share some (ok a lot) of the images from the day she was born.

The first time I held my girl

This was absolutely the best day of my life. I wish I could relive those first three days in the hospital over and over again. There were so many precious memories made in those first few days as a family of three that I will carry with me forever.


  1. Happy Birthday...Dear Violet...
    I love you...Poppie

  2. SK... this is so precious. Thank you for sharing! I know what you mean when you say you want to relive those moments over and over. Anytime I see or hear a story of a mother holding her baby for the first time it literally brings me to tears. What an incredible moment. I think we will cherish these times forever :) So happy for you and your sweet family. Enjoy your sweet baby :)