Saturday, May 28, 2011

3 months

This little munchkin is 3 (almost 4...ooops!) months old! She is growing and changing so much every day. She always wants to be sitting up and in on the action around her. Her new trick is to stand up (with our help obviously) on our laps. She gets so proud when she stands, sits in her bumbo, or rolls over. You can see it all over her face, it's so sweet. She has also recently learned she can make new sounds. We have a little pterodactyl on our hands. She loves toys and is so good at grabbing and hitting them. She grabs onto this giant, plush, singing bumble bee with her hands and feet at the same time. She looks like a little otter, and much like everything she does it's the cutest :)

We think this baby girl might be teething already. The drool if flowing, she is chomping hard on everything on one side of her mouth, one side of her gums is bright white, and just seems like she is whimpering in pain sometimes. It breaks my heart. She has been getting lots of playtime, some all natural teething tabs, the occasional baby tylenol, and extra nursing time to distract from it. She is still sleeping great at night. She sleeps for about 6-7 hours, wakes up for a quick bite to eat, and sleeps for another 2-2.5 hours waking up pretty much every morning at 8:50 am on the dot. I'd say that's pretty good for a 3 month old. She is so happy and playful in the morning, it's the best!

We fall more in love with this precious baby girl every single day. It's pretty much impossible not to.

She's serious about making bubbles

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