Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of the days we were in Texas last month visiting Uncle Tony, Aunt Natalie, Cousin Jude, Cousin Lilly, and Grandma and Grandpa we headed over to the splash pad near their house. It was Violets first time in any kind of water other than the bath. She mostly had the "concentrating/thinking" face going on. She never smiled, whined, or cried, but let out a little "ha" a couple of times. Jude on the other hand was having a blast. He was running and screaming with delight. It was so fun to watch him chase the water and get splashed. Sweet baby Lilly, not even a week old, snoozed it out in her sling. It was such a fun little time with the family.

 For the record, I didn't intentionally put her under the water. I think some kid ran by and put a foot over one of the spouts therefore causing the one next to us to splash right on top of Violet's head. She never even made a peep about it. 

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