Monday, August 29, 2011

Half Birthday

Violet had the best half birthday party ever! Yes, we are those people that celebrate half birthdays. Why not, though? Violet's half birthday just so happens to fall on my brother's actual birthday (so that makes it a bit easier to celebrate Violet). We went out to my parent's house had dinner, cake, and opened gifts. Violet had her very own mini red velvet cake, and although she didn't get to have any, she tried her hardest and got away with a handful of icing. Wish I had a picture of it, but I quickly sat the camera down to keep her from getting a taste. She got a couple of new footie pajamas from Mema and Pa (her great grandparents) and a pink swing from her Pop and Poppie (my parents). She absolutely loves her swing and would get upset when we would stop pushing and attempt to take her out. It was the cutest. I'd say she had a pretty good first half birthday. 

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  1. The most precious little 6month old baby girl!
    We love her and her Uncle Randy so much. We remember celebrating his 6 month half birthday...on "February 14th" Violet's birth date. Who would have thought 27 years later we would have such a beautiful granddaughter.