Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In the past week and a half baby Violet has grown into a full blown toddler. Walking is her favorite thing to do. Back and forth, to and fro, even in circles. This girl is a walking fool. I know this will probably be short lived, but she seems so much less into things. It's like she is up in this whole new world and getting into drawers and cabinets are beneath her (for now). She is constantly babbling and talking about who knows what. She actually said "church" this past Sunday when I was telling her that, "dada is at church." after her saying "dada" incessantly all morning. I even have it on video to prove it, though I am debating on posting it due to the fact that I sound like a backwoods hick when I say "church".  When asked what a dog, cow, owl, or old lady says, she appropriately responds with a "woof woof", "moo", "hoot hoot", and "hush" (old ladies say "hush" because of the line in the book Goodnight Moon). This 13.5 month age is pretty fun stuff I tell you. We are loving (almost) every second of this new  toddlerhood stage.

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