Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adventures in film

Lately I have been feeling very uninspired to document our little family and our everyday life. The digital format has just felt lack luster when it comes to capturing the small, but magical moments of our days, like going to the park or eating strawberries on the porch. We are so spoiled by the instant gratification and ability to take as many shots as we want with our DSLRs. I made this a challenge for myself to be purposeful behind the camera. So, we got Robby's old 35mm cannon that has traveled the world with he and his family off the shelf and used it over the course of a week. There was a roll of film still in it, and we also got that developed to see what was on it. There were pictures from one of Robby's visits to Spain to see his family and his trip to Greece with his mom. It hadn't been used in quite some time. Some shots, especially with a toddler who doesn't like to sit still, turned out not so great. Below are some that I really enjoyed taking and ones that turned out better than expected. We have a roll of black and white film ready to be loaded and used this week.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the last photo. She really is just too precious for words to describe.

    1. Thanks Katherine! That shot and the one of Robby were my favorites :)