Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sip & See for Eleanor

This past Saturday myself and four other lovely lady friends hosted a Sip & See for our friend Taylor and her brand new baby girl, Eleanor. We decided to do a brunch, which I think was the best decision ever! We had mini pancakes, french toast sticks, mini quiches, a yogurt bar, and the most amazing thing I have ever tasted, a frappuccino punch. 

I found the most adorable free printables from Onto Baby, one of my most favorite blogs. They are completely customizable, FREE, and beautifully designed. 

As we were setting up everything was turning out insanely cute. I kept kicking myself because I had forgotten my camera at home, but then I realized I had taken my husband's car so he would have mine with the carseat for Violet. He had left his camera in the backseat from the previous workday! 

We had so much fun oooohing and ahhhing over sweet baby E, it was such a lovely morning with friends.

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