Saturday, January 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Once again I have neglected the belly photos. So, here I am playing catch up. I also have many, many other things to catch up on and document on here. A big one being the super amazing baby shower my sweet friend Claire threw for me. That should be up in a day or so. For now we will keep this somewhat short and sweet.

31 Weeks

 34 Weeks

34 weeks

I am currently 34 weeks and one day. The above 34 week photos were taken after we got home from a friends wedding we attended tonight. I actually felt cute and not so much like a whale, so I let the hubs take a full outfit shot. 

 I have been craving california cuties/clementines (baby oranges) like crazy I have anywhere from 3-5 a day, but I figure its okay because it's fruit and healthy for me...right?  I also need to brag on my sweet husband. Since I am so uncomfortable at night and find it very hard to sleep, he has put a mattress in our bedroom floor and let me sleep alone in our big comfy bed! He's a sweet one :) 

Only 41 days until we meet our little Violet!

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