Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 months 1 week

The boo boo is another month closer to one year of life. She is more fun than ever and we just can't get enough of her. She is all over the place and even walking behind her little walker/cart/play toy. It is so cute how proud she gets when she goes a really long distance. Another tooth has popped up on the bottom and the two top front just started cutting. This has made for some sleepless nights lately, but let's get real, that isn't all that new to us. Violet just has never been a good sleeper. We've tried it all, and yes, we have a day and night routine that has been in place for almost 6 months now. She is a feisty one and can keep going long after you think she should have just crashed. She has now (almost) fully made the transition to finger/table foods. I have been so proud of her for trying so many new things and actually liking them. Her favorites right now are green beans, cuties, sweet potato, and toast. 

Violet is our little share-bear. She wants to share everything with everyone. Her food, pacifier, books, and toys are always being extended in our direction. I think it's just the sweetest. Her favorite is to hand her pacifier to me and wants me to put it in my mouth, and when I actually do it, she thinks it is the funniest thing she has ever seen. My favorite is when she crosses the living room to grab a book, brings it back, hands it to me, and grunts so I will read it to her. It can't just be read once either. A minimum of about 10 times through is required before she will move on to another (if at all). This past month we have discovered she loves to problem solve. We will give her all kinds of different tubs, bowls, and cups that have corresponding lids. She will sit there and figure out which one goes to which and actually puts the lids back onto them. I know it sounds super simple or we probably should've started doing this with her months ago, but I think she is absolutely brilliant when she does it. I can't even count how many times a day I say how smart she is. Proud mama right here.  

Violet's first Christmas is just days away and we couldn't be more excited. She is going to love every second of it, especially ripping up all of the paper. The holidays are just that much more fun now that she is here. She brings so much joy into our and our family's lives. We are so thankful for the gift of our little girl.

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